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  • The light blue line shows the path of the last flight you recorded.

  • The other lines show the paths of the other pilots who were flying around the time a space you flew.

  • The orange button below the map on the left shows a graph of your speed and the top speed (groundspeed) you achieved during your flight.

  • The green button below the map on the right shows a graph of the height of your flight Above Ground Level (AGL)(estimated) as well as the maximum height achieved during your flight.

  • The first blue section below that will show
    • The maximum altitude you achieved (MSL)

    • The total distance you flew

    • The total time of your fight

  • The section below that lists your equipment and location

  • Next is the winds at the time of the flight

  • Followed by a section specifying a number of parameters of your flight

  • Last, under Linked Recording, is a section of pilots who were shown on your map so you can tell which pilot corresponds to the color of the flight path