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Flight Logs[edit]

Electronic Log Book[edit]

Your Flights[edit]


As your record your flights with Gaggle every flight recording will be added to your electronic flight log. You can access your flight logs from the "All Flights" button on your profile page. You can quickly view all your recorded flights with a visual display of the track, the takeoff location, when the flight occurred, and some basic stats about the flight. To view a flight recording simply tap the recording to see the details.

Manually capturing flight logs[edit]

Recording flights is not the only way to record flights into your logbook. You can also capture flights manually by tapping the "Manual Flight Logs" option. For manual flights you can capture the following details:

  • Takeoff date and site
  • Equipment used for the flight
  • Flight type and duration
  • Wind details
  • Flight description and notes

Importing flights from other apps[edit]

You can easily import your flights from other apps like PPGpS, FlySkyHy, PPGFlyer, Paragliding Logbook, and more by tapping the "Import" button. To import a flight select the GPX or IGC file that you exported from the other application. Gaggle will then import the flight data and treat it as if was a normal Gaggle flight recording meaning you can see the flight path, data analysis, and use the 3D replay function as well for the flight.

Note: The quality of the data imported into Gaggle is dependent on the export of the other application. Some applications don't export speed, altitude, and other telemetry information. Where possible Gaggle will do its best to figure it out from the GPS points, like speed for instance, but this also means it is inferred and it may not be 100% accurate.

Exporting your log book[edit]

You can quickly export your entire flight log book to Excel by tapping the settings cog and then choosing the Flight Log Export option. Flight log exporting happens in the background and the results will be emailed to the email address registered on your account as an Excel attachment.


Flight Recording Details[edit]


Tapping a flight recording in your flight log will open up the detail view for the flight recording. The detail view screen is broken into two parts:

  1. The map with your flight path. This will show a short animation of your flight and you can move and pan the map around. Your friends flight paths are also shown if you've link their flight recordings to yours.
  2. The analysis view of your flight. This panel contains all the important analysis information and also some actions that you can take like replaying your flight. The panel can be dragged down if you want a bigger map view.

Tip: Click the images to see a larger view.

Analysing flight data[edit]

Speed and Height: The first thing you will see on the analysis panel is graphs for your speed and height above ground are also shown along with their respective maximum values. Tapping on a graph will change the color of your flight path on the map so you can more clearly see where along the path you reached the maximums and minimums.

Flight Summary: A summary card displays the maximum altitude you obtained during your flight, the total distance travelled, and the duration of your flight. You can also tap the "Replay Flight" button to see a 3D visualisation of your flight.

General Info: You can see details about the wing and engine used for the flight as well as the takeoff location on the general info card.


Weather Information: Weather information for your flight is automatically captured when the recording is saved so you will always be able to see what the wind speed, direction, and gust speed was on the day of your flight. (Additional information like temperature etc is available through the flight log export function). Weather information is also retrieved automatically for imported flights if they are occurred in the last 7 days.

Notes: You can capture any general notes for your flight in the notes field. Notes are only visible to you.

Analysis: The analysis card gives you detailed breakdowns of each the important telemetry for your flight. For telemetry where there is detailed values available a graph is drawn to give you a quick view of the telemetry over time. The following telemetry is shown for every flight:

  • Total distance.
  • Straight distance between takeoff and landing.
  • Minimum, maximum, and average speed. (Minimum speed excludes your speed right after takeoff and right before landing).
  • Minimum and maximum altitude along with your cumulative altitude gained during your flight.
  • Maximum and average height above the ground.
  • Your maximum positive and negative G-Forces experienced, if available. (Excludes G-Forces during takeoff and landing).

Exporting flight data[edit]

You can export your recording flight data to GPX or KML format. To export your flight tap the 3 buttons in the top right corner and then tap the "Export" button and choose the format you want. Once the export file is created it will open the normal share dialog for your operating system allowing you to save the file, send it via email, or open it with another supported application.

Linking friend recordings[edit]


When you and your friends record your flights with Gaggle then you have to option to link their recordings with yours. Linked recordings will show the flight paths alongside yours on the map, the colors being the wing colors that your friends have configured for their wings. Their flight recording data is also used when viewing the 3D flight replay feature so you can see where everyone is flying.

Note: Linked recordings are only visible to you.

Sharing your flight[edit]

If your flight recording is public then you can share your flight with friends and family. Tap the "Share Flight" button to bring up the share dialog where you can configure the image to share with others. You can also share a link to your flight that will open the Gaggle app and load your flight when others tap the shared link on their phones so they can also see a 3D replay of your flight.


Visualise Your Flight[edit]


With Gaggle you don't need an external tool like Ayvri to visualise your flight. With Gaggle you can relive every flight right inside the app. To see your flight visualised simply open your flight recording and tap the Replay Flight button. Your friends can also see your flight visualisation, simply share your recording with them.

You can pan the visualiser around by dragging across the screen. To move the time forwards or backwards simply slide the graph left or right. If you flew with friends from you groups then their recordings are automatically added to yours and visualiser alongside your flight. Every persons color trail will match the primary color of their wing as it was configured in Gaggle at the time of their flight. You can also import flights from other apps like FlySkyHy or XCTrack by exporting your flight as an IGC file and importing it into Gaggle. Once you flight is imported you can visualise it by viewing the flight recording.