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Who we are

Gaggle is a flight recording being developed by passionate pilots and developers that want to make a positive impact in the world of aviation. We are committed to providing software that will help people all over the world at a fair and reasonable price so that everyone can benefit from what we build.

We are always open to feedback to improve Gaggle to make it even better! Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any ideas on how can improve.

Why are we building Gaggle?

We fly, it's in our blood and it is what we pilots like to do. Flying is not about fiddling with an application, tweaking it just right, and then looking at the screen the whole time. When we fly we go outside to enjoy the great outdoors in a way that few get to experience. Once we have our feet firmly on the ground again, we want to relive that experience, learn from it, and make the next flight an even better one.

Because we understand what makes flying fun, we are dedicated to making a flight recorder that is easy to use and just works without fiddling. It should give pilots and their loved ones peace of mind and allow to share just a glimmer of the experience that few people in the world have the privilege of living.

We also have a mission and passion at Gaggle to get more pilots into the sky. In pursuit of this goal we are working with associations, clubs, and schools all over the world to make sure we keep our pilots in the sport and that we constantly feed the excitement of flight so that we can see the community grow from strength to strength.

Over 2000 pilots record their flights using Gaggle. I'd love for you to also give it a try.

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