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Meet Gaggle your new flight recorder

Gaggle has flight instruments, 3D replays, flying sites, weather, emergency alerts, and everything else you would need to enjoy flying. It's the perfect companion for your paragliding flights.

Rated #1 in the App Store by paramotor pilots.

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Flight instruments without the complexity.

Enjoy the freedom of flying with our intuitive flight instruments. We give you all the information you need to make the right decisions before and during your flight. Audio cues keep you informed without having to look at your screen and our live tracking keeps your family informed of any emergencies.

  1. Sensible instruments by default

    Our app comes with a default set of instruments that are sensible for most pilots in a friendly to use layout. See altitude, ground speed, wind speed, and important routing information at a glance.

    Audio cues for a screen free experience

    Experience the joy of screen free flying. The audio cues in Gaggle regularly calls out your altitude, ground speed, and wind speed and other telemetry information.

    Live aircraft warnings

    Stay safe in the sky with our SafeSky integration giving live warnings of aircraft on an intersection course with you.

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    Friends and live tracking

    Stay in touch with your flying buddies and see their location in real time. You can message them in flight and your friends and family can track your live location for their peace of mind.

  2. Phone with flight instruments

Every detail of your flight recorded accurately and securely

Gain insights from your flights with detailed analytics and statistics. Share your most memorable flights with friends and family. Keep track of your personal bests and improve your flying skills.


Discover new places to explore from the skies

With a worldwide database of flying sites and routes you can quickly discover new places to fly from. Every flying site has detailed weather forecasts to show you at a glance views of flyable sites.

Flying Sites

Get detailed site guides for flying sites all over the world. Every site has a chat to talk to others that have flown there and you can also make sites private if you want to keep your secret spots secret.

Picture of a flying site on a phone

Weather Forecasts

We integrate with premium weather providers to bring yor the best weather forecasts for every site. Get a detailed view of the wind conditions at different altitudes and quickly see flyable days for every site.

Picture of a weather forecast on a phone

Meet new friends and stay in touch with flights around you

Gaggle is a social network for people who love to fly. Connect with other pilots, share your experiences, and learn from each other. See where others are flying in real time and message pilots in your area and meet up for a flight.

  1. Live tracking view on phone

    Live Tracking

    With live tracking you can see when and where your friends are flying. Your family can also follow along and see where you are in real time with a 3D view.

  2. Messaging view on phone

    Friends and Messaging

    See who is flying in your area and message them to meet up for a flight. You can also connect with regulars at flying sites to get tips and tricks.

  3. Groups view on phone


    Create groups for you and your friends to get notified when they go flying and to safely share flights and your location without making it public.


Why pilots love Gaggle

We are proud to have a community of pilots that love to fly and love to use Gaggle. Here are some of the things they have to say on why are rating Gaggle as the best flight recorder for their paramotor and paragliding flights.

  1. Avery Colburn

    "The best app for tracking your flights. Originally focussed on ultralights, it's useful for all forms of aviation. As a paramotor pilot, it gives me tracking of my friends, fuel and wind status, and nearby air traffic alerts. The best app hands down."

    Google Play Store

  2. Basjan100qeririepep

    "I have been using flying and ppg apps etc for the last 10 years and no other app gets even close to the functionality and user friendliness of Gaggle. Love Gaggle with all its cool features that works flawlessly !! Apex adventures"

    Apple App Store


Enjoy every flight with the best rated flying app

We believe everyone should have a great flying experience and we have a plan for everyone. Choose the plan that suits you best.

For everyone


Recording your flights and sharing your live location with family in case of emergencies is free for everyone.


Perfect for friends and family

  • Flight instruments
  • Flight recording
  • Share and view flights
  • Live air traffic (SafeSky)
  • Emergency contact
  • Live tracking for nearby pilots
  • No ads

A copilot in your pocket

Frequent Flyer

This plan is ideal if you fly regularly from the same place. Get flight exports, group notifications, audio cues, and more.


Annual plans are discounted. Check the app for details.

  • All Wingman features
  • Audio cues
  • Create, share, and fly routes
  • Airspaces in supported regions
  • Groups and group notifications
  • Flight exports to IGC & Excel
  • 3D flight replays
  • Achievements & Badges
  • Emergency SMS

Our most popular plan


If you value privacy or like to explore new places and meet new people to go fly with then this is the best plan for you.


Annual plans are discounted. Check the app for details.

  • All Frequent Flyer features
  • Detailed weather forecasts
  • Message other pilots
  • Flyable forecasts for flying sites
  • Private flying sites
  • Weather radar in supported regions
  • "Ask Gaggle" chat-bot
  • Group Leaderboards
  • Golden Gaggle Badge
  • with more to come

* Prices are indicative and may vary depending on your country, currency, store, and tax laws.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Gaggle is a flight recorder and social network for pilots. We offer flight instruments, flight recording, 3D flight replays, weather, and a whole lot more.
Yes, you can import your flights from other apps. We support importing from Flyskyhy, FlyMe, Flymaster, Flytec, Garmin, Leonardo, Naviter, Oudie, Paralog, Skytraxx, Syride, Top Hat, XCSoar, and more. Gaggle can import flights from popular export formats like GPX and IGC. When you import a flight you get all the great features of Gaggle, including the ability to share your flights with friends and family and to view it in the 3D visualiser.
No it won't. We utilise best practices to ensure that Gaggle uses as little battery as possible while recording your flights. We typically aim for 30% battery usage with the screen on and about 15% if the screen is off an you only use audio cues.
Yes, majority of the features like flight recording and instruments will work offline. When you fly we record everything onto the device. Maps are also cached on the device so if you briefly lose internet connectivity it shouldn't matter. Some features like live tracking and live air traffic will not work offline because it needs an active internet connection.
No it won't. Very similar to Apple/Google maps navigation your music will fade to the background while audio cues are playing and then resume once the cue is finished. You can also adjust the volume of the audio cues to your liking. If you are on a phone call then the audio cues will be paused until the call is finished.
Yes, all your flights are automatically and securely backed up online. You can access them from any device where you log in. If you get a new device simply log in and hit record to get going again. You can also export them to a Excel, IGC, or GPX if you want to do some analysis on your flights.
No they don't. You need a subscription to create a group that you can share with them but they can track you for free. Create a group will allow us send them notifications when you take off and land. You can also set someone as an emergency contact for free. We view these as critical safety features and will never charge for their usage.
We are very conscious of data usage and have designed the app to use as little data as possible while still trying to deliver a lot of value. A typical flight of 1 hour will use about 2MB of data and viewing other flights will use about 1MB per flight. We recommend you use WiFi when possible to keep your data usage down, especially when viewing the 3D visualiser which consumes a lot of data.
Yes, you can export your flights to Excel, IGC, and GPX. You can also export your flight list to Excel. We are working on adding more export formats and if you have a specific request please let us know.
Yes, you can use Gaggle for free. We have a free plan called Wingman that gives you access to all the flight recording and sharing features. You can also share your live location with family and friends for free. All accounts start with a few free flights with premium features so you can experience Gaggle.
We currently support English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Hungarian, and Turkish. We are working on adding more languages and if you have a specific request please let us know.

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